Naia™ – beautifully draping and skin-friendly cellulose fibre

What is Naia™ and what is it made from?

Naia™ is made from pine and eucalyptus grown in responsibly managed forests and plantations.

How is Naia™ made?

Naia™ is manufactured in a safe, closed-loop process where the solvents used in the processing are continuously recycled back into the process for reuse. The material and product have OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class certification, which ensures there is no dangerous chemicals used in its production. The efficient and optimized manufacturing process has a low carbon and water footprint.

Why to choose a product made of Naia™?

We are constantly looking for more sustainable materials and want to offer you the highest quality of them. We tested the Naia™ material in use and found it to be not only wonderfully soft but also long lasting. Naia™ feels very soft, light and drapes beautifully. It is skin-friendly and the fiber has naturally hypoallergenic properties. Naia™ is a particularly good choice for warm summer days thanks to its cool feel, breathability and quick drying.

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