The treasures in the Rescue collection are made from surplus knits in stock in our own factory, and like that we have avoided the loss of materials.

Rescue – Made of Surplus Materials

Aarre Rescue collection is made of surplus materials from our own factory. Materials, that might be someone´s trash, are our treasure. We see the beauty in good quality materials that are waiting to be found and turned into beautiful Aarre designs. The design of Rescue collection is strongly guided by surplus materials.

Our sewing factory produces a total of approximately 553 000 garments for different clothing brands each year. It is not always possible to optimize the amount of materials for different productions, in which case, from time to time, completely first-quality surplus fabrics from different productions remains unused. In the Rescue collection, we utilize this surplus material and finish the leftover fabrics into wonderful treasures.

Since the products of the Rescue collection are made from a limited amount of material, there are always only a limited number of products available in this collection.

By using materials left over from our production, for example, in 2022 we saved a total of approximately 600 kg of fully usable surplus material from our factory. In this way, we prevent surplus fabrics from entering textile recycling and reduce the need to produce new materials.

Since fall 2023, a special Rescue necklabel has been added to the products, which identifies treasures made from leftovers. 💚