Aarre x menddie

We extend the life of our clothes by cooperating with Menddie, which offers repair and alteration services. Through Menddie, you repair your clothes conveniently and quickly by filling out the repair form on Menddie's website and sending the product to be repaired by mail.

Aarre x Menddie collaboration in clothing repairs and alterations

At Aarre, we want to create clothes that last in time and use. We design and manufacture each piece of clothing with careful consideration, because our world doesn’t need any more useless products. We hope that our clothes stay with you as long as possible.

Our goal is to extend the life cycle of the garment

One important part of responsibility is extending the lifespan of clothes, and for we have our partner Menddie. Service is available in Finland. By repairing or modifying clothes, you extend their life cycle and also reduce the environmental impact of clothes. In addition, you get to enjoy your favorite clothes longer.

By extending the life cycle of a garment, you can significantly reduce its carbon footprint. According to Ellen MacArthur foundation, if you use one piece of garment 320 times instead of current 160 times, and in that way reduce the need of producing new clothes, the carbon dioxide emissions of textile industry would reduce 44%. So, when you don’t buy a new garment to replace a broken one, you save water, emissions and energy from the production process of a new garment. Repairing clothes, and thus extending their life cycle, is one of the best environmental actions you can do in your own wardrobe.

Product customization service

Did you order new pants that otherwise fit perfectly, but the legs are too long? Or would you like to modify your favorite dress into a new style by shortening the hem?

Until now, we have cooperated with Menddie in warranty repairs. As a new service, we now offer our customers the opportunity to repair or customize clothes to better suit their own needs. Service is available in Finland. The service currently offers few ready-made modification options, but if you cannot find a suitable option in the menu or you have questions about repairing or modifying the garment, you can leave an open request for quotation to the seamstress.

Menddie repair and modifying service >>

Product warranty

We use Menddie’s repair services for warranty repairs of our products (service available only in Finland). At Aarre, we want to manufacture products that last longer than the 12 month error assumed by the Consumer Protection Act. That’s why we offer a voluntary 18 month product warranty for our products.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, the customer has the right to get a new, flawless piece. However, we strive to prevent textile waste, and as a more responsible alternative, we also offer the possibility of product repair at our partner Menddie. The repairability of the garment and whether it is covered by the warranty repair is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Evaluation and ordering of repairs are done through our customer service: help@aarrelabel.com

In practice, we order the repair work from Menddie, after which Menddie sends you instructions on how to deliver the product to them for repair. After the repair, the product is delivered back to you. The service is completely free of charge for our customers, and there are no shipping costs for the customer either. The service works quickly and the repaired garment is returned to the delivery point of your choice in up to seven days. According to our customer feedback, the result of the work has also been excellent.