About us

Aarre is a happy and colorful responsible clothing brand bringing people together. All of our collections and services are a reflection of our core values.

Aarre is taking care of family and the ones around us. It is all the small and big moments in life with them. When you don’t have to think about your outfit, you will find time to focus on the most important.

That is Aarre.

Aarre makes your everyday clothing choices easier by making clothes that are designed to last time and use. We design our products mindfully, since the planet doesn’t need any more unnecessary clothes. Our clothes are for those that miss clarity in today’s fast changing world and in fashion.

We fall in love with our clothes every day; we value the people that make them and the materials the clothes are made from. Our mission is to make this possible to you as well. We wish your Aarre will stay with you for as long as possible and that is why we have listed garment care tips for you, to make your clothes last longer.

Read more about garment care here.

Clothes are treasures. Let´s not waste them

Thanks to our own factory in Portugal, we know well how many people, craftsmanship and natural resources it takes to make clothes. We think that clothes should be treated as treasures: value, care and build stories around them. Read about our corporate social responsibility (CSR)here. Together with a minimalistic approach, a fair and sustainable pricing policy is important to us. A continuous sale cycle encourages us to buy clothes that we don’t really need. Therefore, we have decided to adopt a 100 day full price guarantee which means we don’t make sales on products before 100 days from their launch. We feel that as a brand we have a responsibility to lead the way and encourage others to also slow down, since the textile industry is now consuming more natural resources than ever.

Our owners’ family set to build a factory in northern Portugal, in 1994 and that is where today the vast majority of Aarre clothes are made. The owners of Aarre brand are three siblings, Laura, Riikka and Marko. They also own other textile companies such as Black Moda Oy and Black Moda Portugal, which are responsible for the manufacturing of Aarre products. The family of entrepreneurs has always been driven by a sense of frugality, nothing is wasted and people are taken care of.

All Aarre products are made in Portugal, except our socks and hosiery that are produced in Italy by trusted partners. The Dot- articles are produced in Somani, Ltd, and our knits are produced in Portugal, by Elmate, Ltd. Both companies are located close to our own factory.

Own production. Close.

Our supply chain in Portugal is all located in a 70 km radius from our factory, Black Moda Portugal. The travel distances between the different stages of the production are therefore short, which is very important to us. We prefer to use natural materials in our products and all the organic cotton that we use is GOTS certified. Since cotton is not the most ecological raw material, we are constantly developing method to better our production, to save materials, but also to use the leftovers to make new materials and products.

Thanks to our own design and production, we can ensure a more transparent production and work towards building sustainable practices, make high quality clothing while maintaining a competitive pricing and thus offer you a great consumer experience.