Why did we want to create this pantyhose?

Too many times we´ve lived through the same moments as many other pantyhose-wearers have.
Top priority client meeting in half an hour. Moments before the meeting you´ll notice a hole in your pantyhose even though, they were only taken out of the package last week. This is what you least needed right now!

Or, do you remember the most hyped-up party of the year? The one that was reminiscent on Instagram months after? Going through your friends´ photos you´ll wonder whether you were even at the same party as your attention was stolen by your badly-behaving pantyhose with their squeezing, clasping and sliding down with every twirl made on the dance floor.

We want to say NO to disposable and uncomfortable pantyhose!

This pantyhose is for those who are tired of being uncomfortable.

We also wanted to create the pantyhose that is comfortable, durable and matching the quality we´re known for. Aarre 3D pantyhose are the teeny bit better pantyhose for the environment, and extremely comfortable for you.

“I usually dislike pantyhose, but these I approve! Feels comfortable and durable and it’s very easy to dress!”

—Hanna, Aarre brand rep

Five choices

You can now choose from five Aarre 3D pantyhose. We have 50 denier and 80 denier pantyhose packages, that include two pairs. For more festive look you can choose from our two 20 denier pantyhose, solid black, black with dots or black with hearts.

Flat seams are invisible and do not produce bumps even under the sheerest dress or a skirt.

Sustainable products
reasonable prices

We want our products to be reasonably priced.

We do not want to burden the environment with poor quality disposable pantyhose.

We want for you to get your money´s worth and that the price is not an obstacle for getting a little more ecologically produced, sustainable pantyhose.

You can choose from three to five European sizes, depending on the product:
36-40, 40-44, 44-48, 48-52 and 52-56.

for weekdays and festivities

Pantyhose can be made with various structures, of which we chose a durable, comfortable and to body´s shapes and sizes adaptable 3D texture. Thanks to this design, AARREwoman 3D pantyhose stretch both, width and lengthwise.

Conveniently stretchy waistband does not squeeze, press or roll down.

3D design guarantees a good fit for various shapes and sizes. Thanks to its design, you can choose a smaller size, if you prefer a tighter fit. In which case, the pantyhose does not conceal as much as it would, if worn in a bigger size.

To add, Q-NOVA thread lets your skin breathe, keeping it dry and fresh all day, whether it´s a weekday or a festivity.

Measured materials
in the product and the package

AARREwoman 3D pantyhose are made of Q-NOVA® polyamide, which is recycled prior to the production phase (pre-recycled).
The aim during the production of Q-NOVA polyamide is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Also, 90 % less water is being used than during the production of regular polyamide.
No chemicals are used during the spinning of the thread. Denier pantyhose are nearly always made of polyamide and elastane, and polypropylene is used in possible patterns. Pantyhose contain elastane because they stretch but are quick to recover their shape.
It´s also needed for pantyhose to adapt to the body´s curves and lines. Pantyhose without elastane would leave bags of material hanging, for example, behind the knees. Because polyamide also release microplastics during washing, we are continuously looking for better substitutes and more ecological materials suitable for Denier pantyhose.

According to The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) researcher, Julia Talvitie´s, doctoral thesis, of the micro waste with a diameter over 20 micrometers, which includes microplastics, a great majority (99 %) is being removed with regular treatment methods in the Finnish wastewater treatment plants, but that 1 % released in the water is also burdening the environment because of the sheer volume of wastewater being generated in Finland.
After about 5-10 washes the amount of microplastics released by textiles are subsiding. The pantyhose material in itself is not ecological, therefore, it´s important that they´re of good quality and can be used as long as possible.

We have taken recycled materials into account in the packaging as well, of which 80 % is recycled.

The pantyhose is made in Italy, which has strong tradition in hosiery manufacturing. The European Union countries have employment laws, standards and regulations, such as REACH regulation, which restricts the use of chemicals and protects the employees.
In addition, AARREwoman 3D pantyhose have been granted Oeko-Tex 100 standard which guarantees that the product does not contain harmful pesticides, heavy metals or traces of formaldehyde.

From every package of AARREwoman 3D pantyhose sold, we donate
1€ to the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Cherry on the cake: from every package of AARREwoman 3D pantyhose sold, we donate 1€ to Puhdas Itämeri (Clean Baltic) project The John Nurminen´s foundation is responsible for collecting funds and coordinating the project.
The foundation´s Baltic schemes work to reduce the eutrophication in the entire Baltic catchment basin. So, join us in doing good deeds for the sea by which we live.

Read more about Puhdas Itämeri project here. You can also make a personal or a joint donation for the project. If you want to be part of our donation, place the donation normally with your own name and select Aarrekid as your team. You can find the donations made from the donation search here.

TLC for the pantyhose,
so they’ll stay with you
for as long as possible

For the pantyhose to last long, stay intact and to keep you comfortable, you need to choose the right size.

Too small pantyhose will have to endure excessive stretching, making the crotch droop down and roll away from the waist, and therefore, are not comfortable. For example, long-legged users should choose a bigger size than normally.

With right garment care and use the pantyhose last a lot longer.

For example, dry heels or rough toe nails may dig a nasty hole in the AARREwoman 3D pantyhose. The pantyhose is also pleased about well-cared hands and nails. Rings should be put on your fingers only after putting the pantyhose on. To be extra careful, wearing suitable cotton gloves during dressing may be useful in protecting the pantyhose.

The condition of your footwear may also affect the durability of your pantyhose.
If the lining in your shoe has cracked or worn badly, it may chafe a hole in your pantyhose in a day.

Dress the pantyhose unhurriedly. During dressing it´s advised to roll the leg material all the way down so you can put your toes directly in their right places and without stretching the pantyhose. After this you can ease them up, first to legs, then up to thighs and then fitting the seat in its right place.

If the worst happens, you can apply a little translucent nail polish around the run in an emergency. If you do not have any nail polish at hand, also spraying hairspray may seal the hole. These tips won´t fix your pantyhose but they may slow down the run from getting any bigger.

It´s advisable to wash your pantyhose after every use in the temperature shown in the garment care label. If you use the washing machine, it´s recommended to use a laundry bag, which protects the delicate garments from other twirling clothes in the machine.
Fabric softeners should not be used as they make the elastane brittle.

The above instructions are suitable for AARREwoman 3D pantyhose as well as for selecting and caring for Denier pantyhose in general.

Any thoughts about pantyhose?

We are eager to hear what you think about the quality and comfortness of our pantyhose. We would love to hear your ideas and wishes and what you think makes the best pantyhose.

After ordering these Aarre 3D pantyhose from this web store, after one month you’ll receive a link to review your purchase. Please leave your comment and let us know how they feel! You can also discuss our pantyhose in social media with hashtag #aarrepantyhose

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