Responsibility is at the center of all our activities. Most of our products are made in our own sewing mill in northern Portugal, so we know exactly where and who makes our products.

Own factory

Aarrelabel is a clothing brand from Finland, founded in 2011. In 2016, with the change of ownership, Aarrelabel gained not only high-quality design but also its own production. The new owners, Keski-Vähälä's sisters Marko, Riikka and Laura, in addition to the Aarrelabel brand, also own the sewing company Black Moda Portugal Lda, where the clothes are patterned, cut and sewn.

All materials and jerseys come from partners located near our own factory, whom the Keski-Vähälä family has known for decades and between whom a deep trust and a culture of openness have arisen.


Portugal has a law on working time. In the textile industry working time is 40 hours per week and overtime is 1 hour per day. The law allows 2 hours per day and overtime is paid as stated in the Portuguese law. Possible overtime is agreed with the employee and overtime compensation is paid.


Because tricot products are cut and sewn in our own sewing room, no water or chemicals needed for dyeing and finishing are processed there, and the operation of our own sewing room does not cause waste water. The cooperative printing house that dyes and prints knitwear has a statutory water treatment plant with a pH control system.