SS23 Meadow

Available on March 3 from the online store and from Aarre Studio in Kehräsaari, Tampere.

Aartee's spring starts on Friday, March 3!

The Meadow collection was born in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. Under the clear blue sky, the atmosphere is light and the mind is focused on the moment when the fresh wind ruffles the hair and the greenery of the meadow charms both with the sight and with its scent. This summer, we see ourselves in the middle of the Finnish countryside, dressed in a beautiful dress and rubber boots, on the back of a bicycle.

The Meadow collection takes us to the middle of the most wonderful moments of summer with its modern Woodstock feel, bright and fresh color palette, bold patterns and coolness. This summer's bucket list includes dancing through the nightless nights, collecting flowers for a wreath, picnics in the meadow and spontaneous adventures every day of the summer. How are you going to spend your summer 2023?

The patterns of the Meadow collection glow in fresh colors and bring playfulness to the collection. The two patterns in the collection, Kanerva and Dancing Shapes, were designed in Aalto University's Pattern Lab project and are by Saara Obele. Saara describes the patterns as follows:

"The heather pattern is an impressionistic, abstract joy of color that was born from my love for colors. The awakening nature and spring cut flowers also inspire to dress more colorfully and playfully - I believe that Kanerva is an excellent choice and dopamine dressing at its best. The Dancing shapes pattern is inspired by collage art and, for example, Matisse's cut shapes. It is a symphony made up of brushstrokes and scissors and a joint dance of colors and shapes that reminds us to boldly color outside the lines."

Classic check and linen

The collection also includes a classic check pattern, which is harmoniously repeated in shades of light blue, green and beige. Checkered treasures, Malia dress, Misti dress, Liza shirt and scrunchie are made of woven 100% linen fabric. The woven 100% lyocel fabric is available again with the Marcia dress and Siena jacket in the Dancing Shapes pattern and the Ella dress and Coral jumpsuit in the Kanerva pattern. The collection also includes beloved Dot products in new shades of lavender and pink, as well as high-quality knitwear made of organic cotton in cozy pastel shades.

A large part of the products in the collection is made in our own sewing mill in Portugal. These include, for example, our all-time favorites made of Bubble quality, which will also be joined this summer by the new Trixie dress model. In addition, the products manufactured in our own factory include light and beautifully flowing tricot shirts and dresses made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. pants and skirt. The collection's new silhouettes also include the relaxed and versatile Tina collared dress, which also has handy pockets in the side seams. The collection also includes four products for children: Blair shirt, Ami leggings, Zoe bodysuit and Trix jumpsuit.

The Meadow collection will be available on March 3 in the online store, from Aarre Studio in Kehräsaari, Tampere. During the launch week, Aarre Studio is open from Thursday to Saturday, March 2-4.

The products of the collection are available in varying selections from the following retailers:

Hetki Design, Rauma
Katoko, Pori
Home Designmarket, Jyväskylä
Kuopus, Tampere
Kure, Oulu
Miela, Tampere
Noomi Store, Oulu
Phew, Turku
Pukimo, Lempäälä
Taito Shop, Tampere
Products can also be borrowed in Helsinki at Vaatelainaamo Vaatereki.

SS23 Meadow